The Legacy of Samurai Swordsmith

by James Metts

During the era of feudal Japan, the region had sword making experts. These expert sword makers were known professionally as swordsmiths. They were highly regarded. The samurai swordsmiths were indispensable members of the Samurai society. This is because they took charge of forging swords for the warrior caste known as the samurai warriors. Check here .

The swordsmiths of the Samurai era focused majorly on swords. While the general blacksmiths also crafted other sorts of weapons and metalwork. Those samurai swordsmiths were handmade sword experts. To learn more about modern-day swordsmiths check out some of their work.

The steel used in the production of swords in earlier days was known as Japanese steel. These swordsmiths are masters in their fields. They were so good that even to this day, any original sword made with Japanese steel is considered a significant portion of Japanese history.

The swordsmiths were so renowned and respected that they didn’t transfer their craft to just anyone. Each samurai swordsmith had unique methods and material combinations they use in the crafting process. Each samurai swordsmith master had a unique pattern by which they were identified. Their specialties were reflected in the swords they forged. Heavy swords, light swords, and many more specialties existed.  

Differing Points for Each Samurai Swordsmith

The swordsmiths had unique ways of carrying out their art. No two artists are exactly alike. Let us point out a few of these differing areas. They include:

a. The extraction methods

b. The refining methods

c. The quenching Methods

 However, at the time, all the swords had a common feature. They had all passed through the furnace and hands of a samurai swordsmith.  In an age where modern forging techniques were absent, men forged solid steel. So solid and sharp was the sword of a samurai that it was said to be able to divide the air and split raindrops.

How Sword Forging is Done Today

Artificial and mechanical aids are being used to forge Samurai swords. Due to advances in science, it has been discovered that there are more proficient methods than to quench in oil. The most popular is using mechanical hammerheads for the hammering process.

How to contact an Authentic Samurai Swordsmith Today
These handmade sword experts are extremely rare in our time. However, they exist. Those who still forge samurai swords usually have a sort of connection to earlier samurai swordsmith. The samurai swordsmiths of our time could be said to be connoisseurs of history. They protect otherwise forgotten knowledge and culture.


They are not common but they exist. Samurai swordsmiths who have been forging samurai swords for the better part of 40 years. They have managed to successfully integrate the new with the old. Original Japanese steel might be difficult to find now. But they still preserve the entire process and have only changed the steel. So do not be worried that you would be getting a counterfeit. You can rest assured that you would get a sword that would make the original samurai swordsmiths beam with joy.

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