Why Your Garden Hose Might Be Bursting

by James Metts

Imagine watering your garden and out of nowhere, you hear a loud sound just before your garden hose rips into two, sending streams of water all over your garden and on your body. This can be puzzling since you were only watering your plants and not doing anything out of the ordinary. You probably handle your hose with care, even using a hose guide system to prevent kinking or cracking.

It is normal to panic when something like that happens. However, this might be a coincidence due to the wear and tear incurred by the hose. If that is the case, buy another hose and try watering your plants with it once more. If the new hose bursts or is about to burst, then you might need to start considering other options to prevent something like that from reoccurring again.

Why Do Garden Hoses Burst?

Many things can cause your garden hose to burst open. One of the most common causes is wear and tear or when there is a clog in the hose that prevents the escape of water from the garden hose. Stepping on the water hose while trying to water your garden might be another reason why there’s a clog and your hose is bursting. However, these are not the only reason why your hose might be bursting. Here are some other reasons as discussed in this article.

1· When you use a garden hose for what it’s not designed for

When the spigot connected to your hose pumps water at a pressure not suitable for your hose, the hose can burst eventually. The hose isn’t designed to tolerate that level of pressure and this can cause it to burst open.

2· Using bad equipment with your hose

When the fittings and clamps are not the right sizes, it can cause your garden hose to burst open. Also, using an older clamp with a new hose can lead to bursting.

3· External damage to your hose

While wear and tear might cause damage to your hose, other things can weaken the integrity of your hose. For example, freezing temperatures might cause cracking, cuts from a lawnmower, and exposure to heat over a long period can damage your hose externally.

4· Preventing Your Hose from Bursting Again

Garden hoses can be very expensive and no one wants to keep buying hoses anytime there’s a burst. Thus, taking steps to prevent his from happening will save you a lot of costs. Here’s how you can prevent that from happening.

5· Store your hose carefully

Keep your hoses and related equipment away from heat or any extreme weather conditions. You can use boxes to store them, thereby keeping your hose safe from cracking, drying, or degrading.

6· Inspect your hose regularly

When gardening, you should carefully inspect your hose to check for any potential wear and tear. This can help you repair your hose before using it.

7· Always check your water outlet’s pressure

When the pressure from the water source is too high, most garden hoses will burst open. Thus, regulating the pressure at which water flows through the hose will prevent it from bursting.

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