Safe practices during metal casting at home

by James Metts

Metal casting at home can be interesting, especially when people enjoy doing it in the comfort of their backyards or other designated section within their homes. The internet has several illustrations of how people would cast different metals, and anybody can access the information.

Although, most of the time, safety information is overlooked, thus putting people’s safety in jeopardy. Keeping safe while casting metals is a good practice that ensures metal casters, neighbors, and loved ones are safe from any form of injury. These injuries may arise from metal casting at home.

A team of metal casting safety experts recommends various safety practices to protect people from injuries arising from metal casting.

Metal casting safety equipment

Sometimes the molten metal splash in the process of metal casting. Extreme care should be taken when handling molten metal. Some of the essential equipment that will assure protection from injury include:

Face shields and safety glasses

Face shields and safety glasses protect the metal caster’s eyes from the splashes of molten metal. They may wear different types of safety glasses depending on the type of metal they are handling.

Wearing a safety glass under a face shield will provide added protection to the metal caster. Thus, it is always important to wear both the safety glasses and face shield when casting metals because they assure the metal caster of eye safety.

A pair of welding gloves

A pair of heavy leather gloves is highly recommended to protect the hands from high temperatures during metal casting. The metal casting equipment usually gets extremely hot during metal casting. These high temperatures make it extremely important for the metal caster to wear good quality pair of welding gloves for hand protection.

Welding sleeves and apron

Welding sleeves protect the arms. Although, they are not highly recommended for use during metal casting. Although the metal caster has a welding apron, there would be more assurance of safety when handling molten metal.

Welding jacket

A welding jacket is usually an added protection to cover parts of the body such as the neck, arms, and legs. The jacket should be long enough to fully protect the legs from any splash or heat when pouring molten metal.

Leather boots

Wearing leather boots could provide considerable protection on the legs. However, it would be better if the metal caster considers better material. Either way, genuine leather would give the metal caster some time to react in case of an accident on the legs. Most importantly, wearing protective clothing is critical for the safety of the metal caster.

Metal casting safety issues

Taking high precautions is essential during the metal casting process. High precaution is needed because the metal casting industry is prone to various metal casting safety issues barely foreseen. These issues may be caused by factors such as the splashing of molten metal, moisture, eruptions in metal casting areas, to mention a few.

Metal casters should observe the metal casting safety precautions religiously to protect themselves from any form of accidents that may arise during metal casting.

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