Design features of the orbit ball valve

by James Metts

Many companies rely on pipelines to transport their product from one point to another. While planning the route of the pipes, there’s a tendency to pass through various environments. Using fewer quality tools on the pipeline could result in leakages and a subsequent shortfall in the company’s profit. An Orbit ball valve┬áis designed to serve as a bridge for pipes in some harsh conditions.

The design is done in a way that consideration is given to several possible scenarios that could surface. Some of the content being transported are found to react with the pipe material, leading to corrosion. Orbit ball valves are made with anti-sulfur products to prevent such scenarios. This article highlights some of the many uses of the orbit ball valves in the industrial setting.

Wear resistance
Due to the corrosiveness of some of the content being transported in these pipes, there’s a chance to wear and tear. When wear and tear occur in the valve, it starts to leak and loses certain functionalities. The orbit ball valve is designed to resist these wear and tear, making it suitable for transporting various grades of materials.

Low torque operation
Torque refers to the measure of force needed to cause an object to rotate about its axis. Most valves require you to generate a tremendous amount of torque to turn the lever. However, it is a different case with orbit ball valves as it’s designed to be turned with a minimal amount of force. This could prove handy in situations where the handler is trying to multitask.

Optimal flow
Orbit ball valves are designed to allow optimal flow in pipes without any hindrance. You can choose between the full port and reduced port openings depending on the situation. The ball valve regulates the flow accordingly and allows optimal flow for each mode of opening.

Injectable packing
This feature allows you to fix worn parts in the pipe without dismantling the whole setup. It is a mix between the traditional braided and dies formed packing. With injectable packing, you can inject the packing via ports that are created on the pipes.

If you’re getting an orbit ball valve, you can always count on it to serve its purpose for many years. The valve s not likely to be affected by temperature or other harsh environmental agents. Also, the valve doesn’t corrode easily, and its self-cleaning capabilities give it an edge.

Fire resistance
The design of the orbit ball valve incorporates a fire-resisting capability. The valve is commonly used in industries prone to regular fire outbreaks; the valve helps limit the fire’s spread.

The best thing about the design of the orbit ball valves has to be the possibility of adding your desired features to it. Features like a manual override, double-acting actuator, and spring-return option can be added.

Final Thought
Orbit ball valves have been used for many years in various industries due to the system’s optimal design. This article highlights some of those designs that stand out in making the product quite sought after.

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