How to Make the Most of Your Tiny Bathroom

by James Metts

The bathroom is the place you go to clean up – it just makes sense that it should be the cleanest room inside your home. But when you have a small bathroom, the lack of space and storage can make everything look messy and cluttered. If you have a small bathroom and you have no idea how to keep it clean and neat, here are some storage hacks and tips that you can use.

Make use of hooks

If you do not have shelves or counter space in your tiny bathroom, you can stick hooks on the wall. This gives you a space to hang your robes, clothes, towels, and a bag or basket that holds your grooming tools.

Maximize your mirror space

When you get bathroom mirrors with storage, you can maximize the space that your mirror occupies in the wall. These mirrors often look like medicine cabinets – only more stylish and that they offer more space for your grooming products. Some bathroom mirrors also have frames on the side that can function as little cabinets and they can be very stylish too.

Get a magnetic board or strip

You can install a magnetic board or strip in your bathroom wall. Here, you can stick small metallic grooming tools. You can also attach magnets to other tools and products that are not metallic so that you can stick them too.

Hang basket shelves

If you want shelves, an inexpensive way to have it is to hang matching baskets on the bathroom wall. Make sure to get hooks that are stable enough to hold the baskets and the weight of your things. If you have heavy products, drill the baskets to the wall. These baskets can store towels, your bathroom products, or cleaning products.

Get a bar cart or trolley

You can repurpose a trolley or bar cart into your own roll-away storage cart. You can place all your products and tools in it. If you need space to move, all you have to do is slowly roll the cart away.

Use the space below your sink

If you have a pedestal sink instead of a vanity counter, chances are there is space below the sink that you can use. You can use that gap from the sink to the floor as storage space. You can leave that space open or cover it with a sink skirt. The sink skirt is more preferable than boarding the space up with plywood and making a cabinet. This is because when the sink has leaks or needs repairs, the pipes will be more accessible.

Get a storage step stool

This comes in very handy if you have kids in the house. A step stool can help your toddlers reach the sink and get in and out of the bathtub. If it comes with storage space, it can also hold your cleaning tools. Having a storage step stool in your bathroom means you can install higher racks on the wall and even above the bathroom door because you can use the stool to access them.

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