How to Choose Your First Human Hair Wig?

by James Metts

Human hair wigs are rapidly becoming a part of the everyday woman’s ensemble. They are replacing synthetic extensions, because of their real hair texture and longevity. If it is your first time buying a human hair wig, then there are a lot of things you need to know. This guideline will ensure that the process is easier and stress-free for you.

There are five types of human hair wigs and they are classified based on wave patterns, curls and texture, including:

  • Virgin Brazilian hair
  • Virgin Peruvian hair
  • Virgin Malaysian hair
  • Virgin Indian hair
  • Virgin Eurasian hair

Whether you are going for the Brazilian hair or the Eurasian, the following set of rules are applicable in selecting the kind of wig to buy;

What kind of human hair looks the most natural

The idea of human hair wigs is its almost identical look to your natural hair. This means that whatever you choose must go well with the shape of your face.

  • Round-shaped face:

Long human hair wigs with layered styles or short wigs with curly styles and side parts human hair wigs will be perfect for you if you have a round face.

  • Heart-shaped face:

For ladies with a heart-shaped face, human hair bob wigs and human hair wigs with bangs will be an excellent choice to balance out the shape of your face and hairdo.

  • Oval-shaped face:

Curly human hair wigs, long or short are all good choices because they will produce a natural and elegant look for your face.

  • Square-shaped face:

Long human hair with layered styles and short human hair wigs with curly styles will be a wonderful choice if your face fits under the shape.

Now that we know what kind of human hair wig goes best with the shape of your face, what exactly makes a human hair wig the best?

  • Quality;

The grade of quality is an important, deciding factor. The quality of the human wig should be good enough it does not fade or diminish easily.

  • Material:

Material is quite crucial. Human hair wigs should be made from 100% natural hair with natural cuticle, because this ensures that all of the strands are separated and facing the same way from head to tail, and you don’t have to worry about shedding or tangles.

  • Processing:

Unlike synthetic extensions, human hair requires little or no chemical process. When buying, make researches on human hair wig types that did not undergo any chemical treatment because they provide the most comfortable and healthy wearing experience.

How do you buy human hair wigs?

  • decide what fits you based on the shape of your face
  • Choose between human hair lace front wigs and human hair full lace wigs. You can also ask for other options if you intend to wear them at all times and for all activities.
  • Choose the appropriate wig cap size for your head
  • Select the appropriate lace color for your skin and scalp.


Buying a human hair wig, especially for the first time is not something you do alone. Carry out all the necessary research, ask questions, go with a friend who knows more and purchase your human hair wigs from credible shops and outlets.

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