What Are The Various Types Of Vanity Unit?

by James Metts

Vanity units are one of the best things about bathrooms. Plus you get one of your choices because of the various options out there for you. The good thing about vanity units is that they come in different types. There’s something for everyone.

When picking a vanity type, you need one that fits into your bathroom perfectly. You also need to pick the right color and style. It could be a modern and chic look or it could always be more traditional or maybe colorful.

Here are the various types of bathroom vanity units you should consider

Single vanity unit

It you live alone and need the perfect bathroom for a single person or one in a little cloak room, the single vanity is just what you need to save more space. They can come as small or as large as you want.

Double vanity unit

If you have more space in your bathroom, then this is the right choice for you. Plus a double vanity reduces the traffic in your bathroom. It consists of two basins as well as more storage. This goes best in a master’s bathroom or a family bathroom. This way more than one person can use the bathroom conveniently.

Built-in & fitted vanity unit

A built-in vanity usually comes fitted info the walls of your bathroom. You can get as much storage as you want while saving space.

Freestanding vanity unit

Free standing vanities are a lot more versatile but could be harder to clean. They also come in different sizes and you could find the perfect one for any kind of bathroom there is

Corner vanity unit

Corner vanity units are good if you have a small space. They consist of a corner unit and you can get stylish basins to accompany them.

Wall-hung vanity

Just as the name implies, wall hung vanities are usually hung on the wall. They are great for modern designs are with them, cleaning your bathroom floor is made a lot more easy.

Vanity Unit Styles For You

What are the various styles of vanity units out there?

The Modern Vanity Unit Style

This can also be known as the contemporary vanity style. It usually involves the wall hung vanity type. It also has a lot of modern features such as LEDS etc. If you’re going for a modern style, this is one you need to tell your interior decorator about.

The Traditional Vanity Unit Style

Lots of people prefer the traditional style, also know as the Victorian style for their vanity units because they are elegant and chic. They also come with a lot more detailing as well as embellishments. If you don’t like this one, the modern or urban might be just for you.

The Country Vanity Unit Style

These usually go with unpainted wood to give it a more rustic design. They are usually combined with bathroom plants to bring them to life.

The Urban Vanity Unit Style

The urban vanity style has a more original look. It also has a lot of bricks or metals incorporated in it. Giving it the industrial look you need when choosing a vanity unit.

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