Top Traits of a Reputable FIFA 21 Coins Seller

by James Metts

One of the most important aspects of buying FIFA 21 coins is where you buy them from. The trade of FUT coins is not regulated or controlled by someone.  

That makes things somewhat complicated. So it is up to you to decide where you will buy FUT coins from. Fortunately, we got you covered in that department. We will educate you on how to recognize a reputable market for FUT coins. That way, you don’t end up scammed or overpaying for your FUT coins.

Let’s dive in!

Join a FUT Community
FIFA Ultimate Team has a massive base of loyal fans that are on all social media platforms; Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and many online forums. There you can find plenty of discussions about FUT coin market places. The most massive ones are run and moderated by fans like you. There you can find the best info and latest news on anything related to FUT coins and the game itself. 

But what’s most important is you can learn which market places for FUT coins can be trusted and which not so much.

Refund Guaranteed
One of the top traits of a reputable FUT coins market place is that they offer refunds if somewhere along the way you have a change of heart. The lack of one should raise red flags, and maybe you shouldn’t buy FUT coins from them.

Great Customer Support
The best ones are run no differently than any other online business that sells digital goods. Same as those companies, they devote a lot of time and resources to meet their client’s needs. Excellent customer support is something that speaks volumes about their devotion to keep their clients happy.

Wide Selection of Payment Processors
This is important because services such as PayPal, Skrill, Qiwi, Poste Pay, Giro Pay have a screening process of their own, which makes it difficult for scammers to obtain their services. A wide selection of mainstream payment processors is a pretty good hint that you are dealing with a reputable online market for FUT coins.

Your Personal Data is Protected
Every reputable FUT coins marketplace ensures that your data is 100% protected, that they won’t sell it to a third-party (not in the way Facebook does it), and that all of your transactions are perfectly safe. The reputable FUT coins markets even use the same encryption used by online gambling sites. 

Average Rates
One of the most common traits of all reputable FUT coin markets is that their rates are pretty much identical. Even if they are different, it is not a massive difference. On the other hand, FUT coins market places with extremely low rates are at the very least suspicious and need to be approached with caution. If nothing else, make a small transaction to check whether their offer is real or not.

Giveaways & Free FUT Coins
From time to time, some FUT markets offer giveaways for a small endorsement on social media, downloading their app, or signing up to their newsletter. Technically, they are not free because you get to do something, no matter how small it is. 

Then there is the promise of unlimited FUT coins that usually comes from scammers that will eventually want to get into your online purse. So, stay away from those that make big promises and don’t ask anything in return. Usually, they aim to get everything from you. 

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