How to be safe when using a 3D printer

by James Metts

A 3D printer is a comprehensive machinery that offers beneficial capabilities when it comes to product development in businesses. While the 3D printer provides better products and services to building parts of an object in small-scale and industrial-scale manufacturing, it comes with rules to guide the operation and offers safety to users. Beware that safety is your responsibility, and to get there, you should pay attention to every hazardous event that can be risky to health or the environment. The following are the safety rules to follow when using the 3D printer.

Burn risks

3D printers can involve processes with high temperatures which can be transmitted to the surface of the machinery. When using the 3D printer, you will realize that the filaments are melted and then hardened to ensure it converts into an object of required properties. The temperature requirement associated with the melting process can go as high as 190 to 300 Celsius, depending on the materials you are printing with. As such, you should avoid contacting the surfaces when maintaining or changing the filaments. Once you upload a design into the 3D printer, the proceeding processes are automated and should not be interrupted so that you avoid burn risks.

Electric shocks

Paying attention to electric shock is a safety concern that most people tend to overlook. Even though the chances of voltage from the 3D printer spilling are rare, it can be dangerous it gets through the entire printer frame. You need to check if the 3D printer has faulty connections or if any loose cables can get in contact with the frame of the 3D printer.

When you purchase the 3D printer, you need to ensure that the brand is safe with the proper precautions. Similarly, you can maintain or assemble the essential cabling with your DIY capabilities or call a trained expert to deal with the electrical issues.

Risk of fire

Not so many 3D printers out there can cause fire, but there are a few events that can definitely cause fire when using the 3D printer. Fire incidents can be dangerous and create dire consequences. As such, you need to ensure that the 3D printer has enough protection against fire issues. For instance, auto shutdown can address challenges related to fire risk. To minimize the risk of fire, you need to make sure you enable thermal runaway protection. Avoid self assemble printer kits and install fire safety equipment.

Dangerous fumes from materials

When you are using the 3D printer, there is a need to ensure that it is placed in a well-ventilated space. Some materials can produce dangerous fumes that can be hazardous to your health. If you should monitor the processes, ensure you have the proper safety equipment such as gas masks, gloves, and clothing that will prevent your skin from ultrafine particles that can be harmful. Similarly, it could be helpful if you considered materials that don’t emit dangerous fumes. You can also opt for the 3D printers that are enclosed to avoid contaminating the surrounding environment and cause adverse health risks.

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