Unique HONOR Laptops To Watch Out For This Black Friday

by James Metts

In case you are wondering, this year’s Black Friday is still on. Black Friday 2020 is extra special for everyone owing to the challenging year that we have all had. This year you might want to get yourself a new Honor laptop to replace your old one or to surprise a loved one and lift their spirits. If you’re waiting to get the best Black Friday deals, then read on and find out why these three HONOR laptops are a notch above the rest.

1. HONOR MagicBook Pro

When it comes to great laptop deals, you will not get one better than the MagicBook Pro. The Honor magic book pro features a 16-inch screen with exceptional HD display. Colours are displayed vibrantly, and details are easy to make out as the screen has a top-notch resolution. This laptops bezel is less than 5 millimetres thick; perfect for seamless interaction with the environment.

MagicBook Pro has a sleek laptop design and a lightweight of 1.7 kilograms. A thickness of 16.9mm makes it easy to carry around and fit perfectly in travel bags. When it comes to performance MagicBook Pro 4600H processor will blow your mind. The device will not hang on heavy tasks and longer-lasting battery life.

2. HONOR MagicBook14

The Honor MagicBook 14 has a unique fan that features more rotating blades for better cooling and airflow. You can rest assured that this laptop will not overheat quickly. The screen has features that reduce reflection of light for better eye comfort. Thus, the screen will not give you a hard time seeing under direct sunlight either because of the non-reflective quality.

Also, the screen has anti-glare qualities designed to protect your eyes from blue light that is known to damage the eyes. Weighing in at 1.38 kilograms this laptop is in every sense of the word, portable. The slim and slick design coupled with a light aluminium makes for excellent performance and ease in handling. This laptop is the best buy.

3. HONOR MagicBook15

This Honor laptop is lightweight with only 1.53Kgs and a 16.9mm thin rim making it easily portable. The slick design is sure to be a favourite feature as it makes the laptop more comfortable to handle. Another reason why this laptop is the best buy is the super-fast SSD drive that has record-breaking read-speeds, ensuring you can access your information without losing time waiting for the device to pull up files.

Charging your device for hours will also be a thing of the past when you get this device. You can get 53% of charge in thirty minutes, keeping you on the go. The cherry on the icing for the Honor MagicBook 15 is the biometric fingerprint scanner that allows you access to your device with a simple tap. If you’re looking for a student’s laptop, then this one is your best bet.

In Conclusion

A lot of people are working from home to keep safe from Corona. The close interaction with your laptop may have you noticing features that do not satisfy your needs. This black Friday, keep an eye out for these and many more laptops from Honor. Take advantage of the best black Friday sales to make you or your loved ones happy and comfortable when working from home.

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