A quick look at the led parking light fixtures

by James Metts
led parking light fixtures

The traditional lighting bulbs are known to emit much heat, which is why they’ve been phased out for LED bulbs. LED lighting bulbs are not only energy-efficient, but they also emit a minimal amount of heat. Also, you can count on LED bulbs to maintain the quality of light throughout use.

The use of these lighting bulbs has been limited to indoor usage in times past; however, its use in outdoor spaces is gradually gaining prominence. The bulbs are also available in a variety of shapes and sizes suitable for parking lots and gardens. This article answers some of the common questions that pop up regarding LED parking lot fixtures.

Do they emit much heat?

One of the main reasons why LED bulbs became popular for indoor use is that they don’t emit heat. These bulbs can stay on for many hours with little to no heat emitted. Also, the bulb powers on immediately it’s switched on as there’s usually no need for warmup. LED bulbs are suitable for any weather condition, and this is why you should install them in your parking lots. The lighting fixtures are made from sturdy materials that ensure the durability of the bulbs.

LED bulbs or fluorescent bulbs?

LED lighting fixtures are way more sophisticated and efficient than their fluorescent counterparts. Listed below are some of the top features that make LED lighting bulbs better for parking lots;

Durability: LED lighting bulbs are made from robust plastic materials that can withstand harsh situations. Also, led lighting bulbs to come with wire guards that serve as protection against external damage when used in outdoor settings.

Mercury content: Unlike fluorescent bulbs where damage to the tube could expose the mercury content, LED lights do not rely on mercury. It’s important also to state that continuous exposure to such mercury could prove damaging to your health.

Ultraviolet light: Fluorescent bulbs emit UV light intermittently throughout usage. These UV lights are not friendly to the human eyes, and continuous exposure could cause cataracts. UV light also leads to color fading in fabrics. LED lighting bulbs do not emit any form of UV light as its light emission doesn’t lie in the UV range.

Replacement costs of LED lighting bulbs

One standard warning most people have about LED bulbs is that they are usually expensive to replace. This is not true as the advent of sophisticated manufacturing processes has led to cheaper methods of producing these bulbs. LED bulbs are relatively inexpensive when you consider the fact that they last longer than other bulb types. Also, these bulbs use minimal energy when compared to different bulb types. In essence, the longevity of these bulbs and their minimal energy consumption makes the price relatively inexpensive.

Final Thought

LED lighting bulbs are being used in various settings due to the level of efficiency these bulbs guarantee. This article highlights specific characteristics that make the LED parking lot fixtures unique.

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