Ultimate Guide to Care and Clean Your Bronze Statue

by James Metts

Caring for a bronze statue is simple and straightforward. However, Bronze statues have historical connotations (product source). The cleaning practices could reflect it a little. The properties of a good quality bronze statue make it very difficult to have a cleaning problem.

Over some time, the statue develops a patina (which is a greenish-brown film). You might want to keep a little bit of the patina since it gives your bronze statue character. The article highlights some of the ways you can keep standard cleaning practices on your bronze statues.

Do Periodic Cleaning

You can carry out periodic cleaning on the bronze piece. Cleaning generally helps to reduce the build-up of dirt and patina. You can use materials such as light brush, soft brush, or cloth. Use any of the items to dust the piece every once in a while.

Brush attachments of vacuum cleaners also work as well. However, you would need to make sure that the bronze statue doesn’t have any source of loose pieces that can come off when using a vacuum on it.

Use liquid solutions

Outdoor bronze sculptures tend to collect several layers of dirt. Storage room confinements are also a source of dust and grime for a bronze statue. The liquid solution you use for cleaning should consist of mild dishwashing soap.

Regular soap would leave a residue on bronze. If you use abrasive cleaners and other chemicals, the bronze surface can be damaged. Water is the other component you should use in cleaning layers of dirt off of bronze.

Start from the unobtrusive areas

When you want to start the cleaning process, you are better off starting at the not-so-obvious areas of the piece. For the purpose, use little swabs of cotton; it ensures that you don’t rub out most of the patina on the bronze. Change the cotton materials from time to time, in order not to transfer the dirt to other areas of the piece.

Rinse with water and Dry

The last process in cleaning the bronze statue would be rinsing and drying. Use distilled water to run over the entire dimensions of the piece. It is to ensure that the detergent comes off totally. Indoor statues need tender dabs of cotton swabs dipped in distilled water. You can use a garden hose to spray water gently on an outdoor bronze statue.

Dry the piece afterward, and take care not to leave any moisture on it. A hairdryer works well for the job, but you have to set it to low power. The cleaning process removes the wax that protects indoor bronze pieces. You would want to replace it afterward. Use branded microcrystalline wax, as they do not turn yellow after application. Buff the statue and leave to dry.


Cleaning a bronze statue is not very complicated. The processes are simple but are essential since bronze statues are something you would want to keep for a long time. In cold, humid environments, you are better off cleaning the piece more often.

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