The Benefits of Identity Kit

by James Metts

Identity kit dispenses the combination of address management services for users and accepts your application to acquire users addresses easily upon getting acknowledgment from the users. This kit consists of a set of client-side libraries for android, javaScript, and iOS that integrate. It enables applications and website makers to support authentication options for their end-users easily. Libraries include traditional UI elements to take out normal login flows and problems such as account linking, change of email, and password change. To get more information about the kit, you can check on the HUAWEI identity kit. Non-technical developers are also able to add future login and locate existing users with a simple configuration. When your application requires using the user’s address, including contact, name, and address details, it communicates with the identity kit, prompts the user to select a speech, and receives the selected address. From this extract, we are going to discuss the advantages of the identity kit.

Advantages of Identity Kit

Comprehensive Address Management

It provides edit, enters, and query roles for application use for the users. That empowers them. Through this, it increases management efficiency thanks to a simpler method of authorized addresses. It allows them to set and forget addresses to focus on a better experience. Note, by freeing them from the tiresomeness of repeatedly keying addresses; this potentiality streamlines the whole ordering process. Also, it enhances the order-based conversation rate for a boosted user experience across all the platforms. Which has made life easier and simpler to all of us.

Quick Address Selection

A normal user has more than 25 applications in his mobile phone, and most commonly used are car-hailing, food delivery, and other e-commerce platforms that need addresses to offer doorstep service. It is certainly unquestionable to request someone to enter or edit an address each time they use an application. Identity kit gives your app with effortless, user-access address settings, and selections. Due to this, it can contribute to the increasing rapidly app conversion rates.

Privacy Protection

The strict compliance with the general data protection regulation for user data privacy regarding their addresses is securely stored, with integrity and care. A comprehensive document accompanies it for efficient authorization to service. Before using the application, you will be required to sign the service agreement. Understand and accept that downloading or using the same kit will be deemed as you have agreed to all contracts, and you will accord to the corresponding legal and obligation with the said agreement.


This kit allows you to focus on the innovative services and features that gives convenient address management and selection for your applications, it also lures and retain users without straining and specifically rhymes with e-commerce, delivery and logistic application. These have eased a lot of burgages through digital intervention while researching or adding on addresses whenever we key in. It has a vital role in the current world or generation. It is considered to be very efficient and simple for every individual to operate.



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