Benefits of a Wall Mount Network Rack

by James Metts

A wall mount network rack is a metal frame chassis that houses fewer network equipment in each department. They include switches, servers, patch panels, routers, and other computer hardware server devices. Note, it is attached to the wall hence its name. The rack comes in two styles, i.e., in an open frame and cabinet styles, which you can choose from based on your preference. It also comes in different sizes and has a glass door at the front to view the devices inside from a distance without opening the rack regularly. You can visit any Wall Mount Network Rack Manufacturer website if you’re interested in getting a rack. In this write-up, we discuss the advantages of a wall mount network rack.

Advantages of a Wall Mount Network Racks

1. Saving on Floor Space
Wall rack is usually attached to the wall vertically or horizontally; hence one can access it from the back or front easily, enabling maintenance and wiring. If you have limited floor space, it is convenient as it allows you to put your devices up in one place, leaving room for other things on the floor. It utilizes other spaces that typically wouldn’t be used for a full-sized rack

2. Easy and Quick Installation
Those with home-based businesses may choose to set up the network rack themselves. The racks come with guidelines provided by the manufacturer, and with a basic understanding, you can mount it on any wall you choose and at the desired height. The flexibility of the wall mount allows for installation at any location. However, hiring an expert is recommended as the job will be perfectly done and save you time.

3. Secure Equipment Protection
The racks provide a secure spot for your network equipment, shielding them from them. They come with a lock that enables you to lock the front and sides panels. They should be fastened with proper tools for complete security. Note, securing your devices minimizes the cost of damages and keeps the space looking tidy. Remember, having the equipment on the floor poses a great risk as it is easy to step on cables and disconnect your network. When network security is maintained, an organized and efficient system is created.

4. Variety of Options
There are plenty of wall mount rack designs to choose from; you have to know and understand your need and environment. They come in different styles and colors. There is a wide range of white variants that can blend easily with the interior in most houses or office spaces. They also come in many different sizes ranging from 5U to 26U.

5. Low Chance of Overheating
Racks are designed with fans and an integrated ventilation grid at the top. It allows hot air to pass through it from the devices and ensures air circulation inside it, thus regulating heat. When installed correctly, the chances of overheating and incurring damages are minimal. With this, you can increase your computer hardware performance as it is safe.


Wall mount network racks play a significant role in efficiently and safely holding network devices. They can be expensive compared to placing your hardware on shelves, a table or stool, but they minimize damage costs in all means.

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