What are the Different Types of Parking?

by James Metts

We have various parking types, angle parking, parallel parking, and perpendicular parking being the most used types of parking, and we also have various parking lot lights. source: https://www.adiding.com/Things-to-consider-when-upgrading-your-parking-lighting-a258271.html. One should always be keen on where to park a car because there are many parking restrictions, how your park will determine the type of parking lot layout to erect.

Angle parking

In most urban areas, they normally have angle parking spaces in their parking lots. In this space, vehicles are designated in a manner that they are facing one direction. This type of parking also aims at improving safety in street parking. It also helps drivers and anyone using the road since it gives a clear view of what is happening on the roads, making it easier to join the traffic from where the vehicle was parked. .it also helps to reduce the risk involved when backing into moving traffic. This will also ease communications between the driver and the other people using the road, either verbal or non-verbal. It also gives a perfect position for drivers and passengers to exit the vehicle and enter the pathways other than stepping onto the traffic.

However, this type of parking is not efficient in relatively enclosed areas since unseen pedestrians coming from behind the vehicle where the visual is limited may cause an accident.

Parallel parking

In this kind of parking, the vehicle is in line with other parked vehicles and parallel to the road. While parking in this kind of a parking slot, the vehicle moves slightly past the parking space to create a favorable distance to be the reverse to that empty slot.

This parking method can be used for traffic management tools since it provides a safe space for pedestrians and reduces motor vehicle speed. This makes parallel parking the most pedestrian-friendly solution. However, Parallel parking takes the least space in width, and if people park close, it may become almost impossible to come out.

Perpendicular 90-degree parking

This means parking cars with a 90-degree space to anything parked along with thus being perpendicular. This method of parking is common in areas with small parking spaces such as garages. During perpendicular parking, one should start by being a distance away from where space is and using the turning indicator, move forward systematically and stop when fully on the spot you were to park. Thus perpendicular parking will allow you to park more vehicles in the same length of space, but if it’s a road, it will reduce the available road width more.

Double parking

double parking is normally termed as illegal parking, the reason being it occurs when a car parks in a way another cannot depart. It mainly occurs in parking lots with more than one parking space, on the streets, and in garages.

This parking method is efficient where there is a need for a large parking area. Thus, it is mainly the commonly used method of parking in attended car parks and garages since a driver who double-parks leave the keys with the attendant. However, this will be efficient to everyone because there is no inconvenience for any driver even when one’s car is blocked, the attendant will move the blocking vehicle.

However, this parking method may not be near favorable roads since many cars are parked in a limited space, thus reducing the space on the road, which may cause traffic.

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