The Most Reliable Dump Trucks in Construction

by James Metts

Many construction projects need dump trucks from high profile companies such as Shacman when it comes to getting the work done. A dump truck is useful in moving aggregates from a point to the other, via a hydraulic component, which is used to lift the rear contents to fall to the ground. These trucks are readily available in different sizes, as well as configurations. Here is a presentation of the best dump trucks commonly used in construction.

1. Side dump trucks

A side dump truck has a tractor that pulls the 2-axle semi-trailer. It also comes with hydraulic arms tilting the dump onto one side and spilling the material to the truck’s left or right side.

Some of the key pros of a side dump truck include allowing prompt unloading while carrying more weight.

Besides, it is immune to tipping over when dumping, unlike the semi-end dumps prone to spilling materials over.

Following that characteristic, the trucks may not always be used. They are a preference in projects where the site has a large space to allow maneuvering.

2. Super dump truck

A super dump truck has up to four axles. It can carry uploads of up to 20 tons. This translates to uploads that can be carried by trailers. The unique combination of significant huge payloads is exactly what makes this truck the most productive tool in the construction industry.

3. Transfer dump truck

A transfer dump truck is a truck pulled using a different trailer. This dump truck’s primary characteristic is its separate trailer, which comes with a moveable cargo container.

This said configuration can maximize loads of capacity, often without losing maneuverability. It is also powered by a motor mounted on a tractor which travels on the wheels rolling in a trailer frame.

There is a huge variation of this dump truck, allowing you to include another cargo container to the truck. But it would be best if you also were careful since the configuration isn’t allowed in other states following its weight restrictions.

4. Standard dump truck

The standard dump truck is one of the most commonly used tools in the construction sector. The dump chassis is lifted using a hydraulic ram mounted in the cab, as well as the truck body.

Besides, it has a front and rear axle. The common configurations include the six-wheeler and the ten-wheeler. They provide maximum maneuverability. However, they cannot be used on soft soils.

5. Double trailer

A double trailer has two axles pulling the single-axle trailer. Its biggest con is difficulty in reversing.

Final Thoughts

Dump trucks are useful when it comes to transporting loose materials from one point to another. The configurations of the named trucks will change from one country to another. This depends on the regulations as well as restrictions. But there are several types of dump trucks you can always opt for. Novice drivers commonly prefer these ones because they are among the best. This blog post has shared incredible insight on the best trucks you can use for your construction project.

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