PTFE: Everything you need to know about its product

by James Metts

The use of Polytetrafluoroethylene in various sectors is starting to gain acceptance. It’s necessary to point out that PTFE polymer is one of the most versatile materials. Its applications in multiple industries can be attributed to its desirable properties. One such property is its non-stick properties; this property makes it suitable for coating hardware.

The excellent qualities of PTFE are even enhanced when additive compounds are added to the polymer. Compounds like glass, bronze, and graphite and are combined in ratios that do not diminish the properties of virgin PTFE. There are so many advantages that come with the use of PTFE in the production of various items. This article highlights the benefits of PTFE as well as its applications in multiple industries.

Excellent electrical insulation

This particular quality makes it suitable for use in the production of cables. Wires and cables that are used in computer applications are produced using this polymer. This application is further enhanced by the high melting point of the polymer. 

Low friction

The use of PTFE in creating mechanical parts can be primarily attributed to the fact that it has low friction properties. Most mechanical parts often slide over one another, and a material like PTFE is essential. PTFE is used in the production of mechanical parts like; slide plates, slide bearing, gears, rings, and other components.

Resistance to wear and tear

 The working mechanism of most mechanical parts means they are often susceptible to wear. In the industrial setting, many chemicals are often needed to be conveyed from one point to another. Some of these chemicals react with the conveying pipes as the pipe starts to erode. It is, however, very advantageous to use wear-resistant like PTFE in the production of such pipelines.

Tolerant to high temperature

Materials that melt when subjected to high temperatures usually lead to sabotage when used in pipes production. Pipes that carry chemicals and fuels are likely to be exposed to such temperatures. The use of PTFE in the production of these pipes means they can be used in any clime.


As a business owner, it’s no gainsaying that the possibility of saving cost on materials plays a vital role in your choice. PTFE has been proven to be one of the most affordable polymer material today. It gives excellent value for money due to its versatility.


PTFE does not stick to content when it’s used as a surface coat on any product. Furthermore, the material is known to be food grade compliant. When all of these factors are considered, PTFE is quite suitable for packaging food and beverages. The material is also known not to possess any harmful traits, its use in the production of safety masks points to this quality.

Final Thought

Due to its many desirable properties, the use of PTFE in various industries has come to say. The 5%-15% graphite filled PTFE variation of the polymer is used in producing reusable masks and other valuable products. This article highlights some of the advantages of the PTFE polymer.

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