Introduction to the Honor MagicBook Pro Laptop 2020

by James Metts

When someone mentions the brand Honor, the first thing that comes to mind is the exceptional smartphones and wearables. They’ve excelled in both categories and have built a strong community around those two business segments.

However, many people are not aware that they are also in the laptop business. This might be a lesser-known aspect of their tech business and, according to many tech experts, a vastly undervalued one.

But before we make any bold predictions about this side of their business ventures, here is our take on the Honor MagicBook Pro Laptop (2020). 

Design & build

The MagicBook Pro Honor laptop aluminum chassis features a sandblasted shell with a massive “Honor” embedded on it. It is a thin and lightweight laptop (1.7kg) that can be effortlessly carried in one hand. Its backlit membrane keyboard is not too useful in moderate ambient lighting, but it excels in low light. Thanks to its 369 x 234 x 16.9mm dimensions, it can be easily fitted in any 15.6-inch laptop bag.

Its pop-up camera is located between the F6 and the F7 key. This is great if you are concerned about your privacy. Its two speakers are behind its grills situated conveniently on both sides of the keyboard. 

CPU, GPU, RAM, storage

The Ryzen 5 4600H makes this machine work, and it carries with it an integrated Radeon RX Vega 6 graphics processor unit. Its AMD chip features six physical cores and relies on the Zen2 architecture. With the support of Turbo Boost, the six cores can achieve 4GHz. However, this operating frequency can last only for a limited period. 

In terms of gaming, benchmark tests reveal satisfactory performances, even in some of the newer games. But in this regard, it all comes down to how willing the player is to trade visual accuracy for performance.

As far as memory is concerned, the Honor MagicBook Pro Laptop comes with 512GB PCIe NVMe SSD and 16GB of DDR4 memory. The SSD memory can be easily upgraded, but there is no option to upgrade the RAM. So its 16GB RAM till the end of time.

Battery life

The Honor MagicBook Pro Laptop comes with a 56-watt battery, which is excellent and well above the industry average. Web browsing and watching some videos with brightness set to 50% will get you almost 12 hours battery life. On the other hand, continuously playing YouTube videos will get you somewhat under 9 hours of battery life. 


The Honor MagicBook Pro Laptop comes with pre-installed windows 10, home edition. There isn’t much to add in this department as the windows run pretty smoothly, as expected. The only addition is the PC Manager, which is there if you want to sync your Huawei or Honor smartphone with your system.


The value for money you get with the Honor MagicBook Pro Laptop is excellent. Plus, it is quite lightweight, has a great battery, and can handle many tasks at the same time. The pre-installed RAM is a bit downer, but that’s only if you plan to do some serious rendering or some high-end gaming. But other than that, the Honor MagicBook Pro can handle everything else. All in all, the £ 849.99 price is well justified and offers amazing bang for the bucks.

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