Things to Know About In-App Purchases

by James Metts

Smartphones come loaded with various apps installed by a device provider or manufacturer. When you take ownership of the smartphone, you want to customize it by installing different apps that you use. These apps can range from social media apps or fitness apps to video editing apps.

It does not matter the type of phone you have; there are lots of free apps that can take your experience to another level. When you look at the apps from another perspective, there are different categories. These include paid apps and free apps with in-app purchases.

Free Apps

The truth is that these are the most popular ones. That is because they do not cost anything to install them. They have both negatives and positives to the apps. Advertising is one of the monetization options you can use. Usually, the app developer inserts an advertising banner that comes with different functions. Some may deal with apps without any given thought.

Paid Apps

This is another type of mobile apps you can download from the Huawei App Gallery. They are premium apps that provide important functions and take effort and time to develop. Ideally, their cost does vary depending on the effort and resources required to develop the app. Moreover, the app’s popularity does matter.

If you have a Huawei Account ID, you can download and install your app, and your account is debited. After paying for the app, you gain access to all its functions, such as updates. Since these apps are not subjected to advertising, they have a clean look with minimal popups.

Why Pay for In-App Purchases

Most types of apps are free with an option for in-app purchases. That is the case with high-end apps and gaming apps. After downloading the app, you ought to be informed of the features and permissions of the app. This means that at a given point, you may need to buy certain features or unlock those features within the app. Ideally, what you purchase is dependent on the app.

So, do in-app purchases have benefits? You may be surprised to learn that less than 10% of mobile users use in-app purchases. Surprisingly, this accounts for over 70% of the revenue the app provides. Therefore, users who purchase content within an app make it easier for app developers to come up with exciting features. When you pay for an upgrade of an app or purchase its content, you promote the entire app development industry.

Adds Value to User Experience

You should note that in-app spending adds value to a given app in a manner that suits your user. Remember that most in-app purchases that are made on gaming apps make it possible for users to achieve their gaming goals faster. Although they make up a huge part of the industry, there are several other apps where it is worth spending the money.

There are different types of in-app purchases. These include consumables, non-consumables, and subscriptions. If you are an app developer, you want to ensure you get the right type for your app and meet your revenue potential.

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