How to get the best out of the Runescape game

by James Metts
Runescape game

Runescape is an adventure game that’s popular for its many thrills and surprises. The game is one for those who desire the excitement that comes with charting unknown territory. Equipped with an abundance of quests, Runescape requires you to be fully armed for such tasks.

As soon as you set foot in the arena of gielinor, you are required to fight your way out of the enemy’s territory. Combats and quests make up a massive chunk of the adventures; these adventures could prove daunting. Gold coins are used in the game to acquire special powers that could prove useful on your way to victory. This article pinpoints some critical landmarks within the Runescape game.

You need to collaborate with others.

Hundreds of players step into the Runescape arena with the sole aim of claiming victory. However, many of those players fall short of their target due to their inability to seek help when stuck. You should know that several players have gone through every stage of the game in times past, such players usually have a vast wealth of experience. Their experience could prove useful in navigating through the Runescape game.

Buying membership

Like many other console games, the Runescape game offers a membership feature to its players. The membership feature helps you unlock various skills that could prove useful on the long haul. Also, acquiring the membership status means you can try out more quest tasks; 117 extra quest tasks are assigned to you. Asides the benefits mentioned above, you get to explore more grounds within the game when you acquire the membership status.

Old school or new version?

There are two versions of the Runescape game, the old school Runescape and Run escape 3. While many might argue that the newer version of the game (RS3) has better graphics, the nostalgic feeling that comes with playing OSRS is unparalleled. It’s no crime if you’re a fan of the old school run escape just like many others out there. There are certain features on OSRS that cannot be found on RS3 and vice versa. It’s all about your interests and what you enjoy about both versions.

Gold coins are essential.

Like many other console games, gold is the standard medium of exchange on the Runescape game. You will be required to purchase certain goods and services within the game; gold coins come handy in such scenarios.

The game rightly advises you to earn gold coins during gameplay; this could prove entirely strenuous for beginners. Various other ways in which these coins can be acquired, exchange, and purchase remain the most viable options. Acquiring gold coins via the purchase method isn’t difficult, but there are fake coin vendors. You can easily buy rs gold¬†from reputable vendors to avoid certain red flags.

Final Thought

Runescape is quite a popular game amongst many folks, but many people still have issues as beginners. This article highlights specific guides to note when playing the game.

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