How to Design Custom Food and Beverage Packaging

by James Metts

Custom food packaging (know more) plays a major role in how food and beverage products are perceived by customers. These days, customers have become more demanding about what they expect to see with wholesale beverage packaging.

Because of this, entrepreneurs in the food and beverage sector need to know how to design custom package efficiently. In this post, we share a few nuggets that will help you design your packaging better.

Guidelines for designing food and beverage packaging

It is clear that these days, vision is a key determinant of whether people will buy a product or not. This means people are more likely to purchase a product because of how attractive the packaging looks. There are so many products on the market that have the same features and capabilities as yours.

Because of this, you must be able to woo the customers and prospects with your custom food packaging. Brands all over the world are beginning to pay more attention to tempting customers with their packaging. Therefore, a beverage company like yours cannot afford to treat wholesale beverage packaging with levity.

Where most businesses get it wrong is that they fail to plan towards the design of custom packaging. To design custom package, you need to plan and follow certain guidelines. If you don’t, it will end up as an effort in futility and a waste of investment.

There are certain factors you need to consider when preparing your packaging for food and beverage. We will discuss some of the remaining part of this post.


Appeal to the visual senses

Unlike many years ago, there is almost no monopoly of the market in food and drink. Take a walk into any retail store, grocery store, or supermarket and look at the shelves. Take note of the different products in each section.

You will notice that many products are made from the same ingredients and are close substitutes. Probably, the only difference maybe a few dollars or cents. Here’s a question for you to answer. Why were you drawn to certain products and you weren’t to others?

The answer to this is simple, the ones that attracted you appealed to your visual senses better. Since there are lots of options on the shelves, your products should be able to call out to customers. 

There is a little addition to this. You shouldn’t go off the point with your packaging just because you want to make it attractive. The whole idea of packaging is building brand recognition. This means that your custom food packaging should synchronize with what your product stands for.

If it doesn’t, even if it grabs customers initially, it is very that you will not convert that impression to a sale. Why spend on wholesale beverage packaging if you won’t make conversions?

Clarity in design

By clarity, we mean that the packaging must be able to convey a clear message about the product. The first step is attracting potential customers by appealing to their visual senses. Your next line of action should be telling them about the product using the design of your package.

The customers are not going to be eating or using the design for anything. What they need is the product. This is why when you design custom package, you must make the message clear. The message should be easy to read through within the shortest possible time.

If your message is not clear, you will be frustrating your customers as they try to read. Remember they came to shop not to prepare for an exam. They have only a few seconds to browse through your package so you should make them count.



One of the key functions of packaging is to maintain the integrity of the product it carries. It does this by keeping it safe from dust, dirt, air, etc. Even if your product package is attractive and your message is clear, it is still possible to lose customers.

Sure, they are likely to buy the first time of asking. However, your product integrity will determine whether they will return to buy more or not. If you have read reviews about certain products, you must have come across complaints about inconsistency.

There are certain products that look different from how they are portrayed on the custom food packaging. For integrity sake, never put what is different from your product on your wholesale beverage packaging. Editing the original image of your product is far better than changing it altogether.


Like we stated earlier, one of the functions of product packaging is improving brand recognition. One of the mistakes brands make is that their packaging is different from what their brand stands for. When you design custom package, one of your aims should be consistency.

If you have three products on the market, for example, something about the design must cut across all three. Most times, it is the colors of the brand and other elements like the logo and even the font used. These may all seem inconsequential to a novice but a marketing expert knows how important they are.

It is this consistency that separates you from other existing brands. The colors you choose should be consistent with the contents of the pack as well as your brand. 


One of the best ways to create impressions is through the use of versatile packaging. Your packaging should be able to carry out several functions. This means that even after the container is empty, the customer can use it for other purposes.

How does this affect your brand? Very simple. The more a customer makes use of your product packaging, the more they remember your brand. Some potential customers will purchase your product, not just for what they will consume, but after use. 


Shelf impact

As you design custom package for your products, always consider their impact on the shelves. There are so many products in the same class and at first glance, customers cannot see product information. This means that you must do everything for your product to be placed in a vantage position to attract attention.


In this post, we have taught you what custom food packaging entails. Wholesale beverage packaging is very important to how your product is perceived and how well it thrives. Consider these nuggets when next you want to design packaging for your products. If you have any demand for custom packaging, visit Zigpac.

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