The Definition And Components Of A Garden Hose Reel

by James Metts

Owning a garden, commercial or recreational, is a dream come true for most people. A significant component of a garden is the crops. All crops in the garden require water to thrive. For this reason, garden hoses are essential gardening equipment. They help with watering the crops in the garden. However, garden hoses can be used for several purposes other than watering crops. They can be used for cleaning other gardening equipment like slashers and digging equipment. They can be used for washing off shovels and muddy produce, spraying soluble fertilizer on plants, and washing pets. Owning a garden hose also means that you need a garden hose reel. Several types, designs, and sizes of garden hose reels are available in the market. Most gardeners go for the Hose Reel 1/2″ x 130 ft. In this write-up, we look at the critical information you should know about garden hose reels.

What is a garden hose reel?

A garden hose reel is a cylindrical spindle, usually made of metal, plastic, or fiberglass. It is used for storing the garden hose. Traditionally, garden hose owners would keep their garden hoses by twisting them. However, this method proved ineffective as it results in kinks and leaks. For this reason, garden hose reels were established.

Components of a garden hose reel

A garden hose reel is made up of the following components;

1. The mounting plate

Most of the garden hose reel designs found in the market are mountable. This means that you can mount them to the walls of your house or garage. The mounting plate helps make mounting of the hose effortless.

2. The mounting brackets

These components are used to ensure that the hose reel stays correctly placed on the mounting place. They help keep the device securely in place.

3. Cylindrical hold

This is the part of the garden hose reel where the garden hose is placed. Regardless of the type or brand of garden hose reel, this part is always cylindrical. The shape ensures that your garden hose does not lose its integrity or get dents while stored in the reel.

4. Driving mechanism

Most garden hose reels are driven using spring. However, others have a hand crank or a motor (like retractable garden hose reels) for more effortless functionality. The driving mechanism’s role is to help you get the garden hose off and on the hose reel before and after use, respectively.

5. The hose

This is the essential part of the reel. It is the pipe used to get water from its source to the garden.

6. Locking mechanism

This is the part that helps prevent the garden hose from unraveling when you do not want to use it. Note that not all types and brands of garden hose reels come with this component. However, when looking for the best garden hose reel, it would be best to go for one with this element.

7. Cart

This component is found in portable garden hose reels. It features wheels that help move the hose reel from one place to another effortlessly.

Final word

Note that garden hose reels can be categorized by the diameter and length of the hose they can accommodate. Most types can accommodate between 100 to 400 feet worth of garden hose.

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